updating a few things...

because let's be honest: we're in a tight spot right now (Stolen from P/D/A) Also because I didn't feel like re-writing it, after she did such a good job.

41. totoraku (as much as i love you and am still convinced i will see behind your paper'd facade one day) will be replaced by champagne + oysters at malibu seafood fresh fish market
as put by n, "especially if i have to go to silverlake for this thing you can go to the bu 1 day."

62. urasawa (i am totes still doing this, but for the sake of this list) will be replaced by bacon waffles + bacon ice cream at fig

66. goddess spa treatment @ olympic spa (naked much?) will be replaced by mini-massage + simple soak @ olympic spa

74. the bungalow will be replaced by tbd: either damn good burger @ chateau marmont, or umami burger

80. courtside @ lakers game will be replaced by box seats @ staples center

84. goodyear blimp (i'm still keeping my eyes open for an invite to this, bthedubs) will be replaced by a scavenger hunt around los angeles

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myracha said...

are you really going to get, 'One Person on the team getting a flat top with their name shaved into the back of their head.'

that sounds intense. who would it be....PDA or you?

Caroline said...

You are still my hero for documenting all this. That's so cool! Good luck!

NicoleM said...

Thanks Caroline! Haha you're my guru for all my weekend activities :-)

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