#3 Rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeno at Wurstkuche

After watching the Lake Show make a stunning comeback with a Kobe 3pt special, we headed down to Wurstkuche to knock another one off the list.

Still unclear as to how to actually pronounce the name of the restaurant, we drove up and down the street knowing we were right at the google maps pin, but still lost as to the actual location. It took a phone call to find out we were right around the corner.

I must say, the sausage collection was rather impressive, but as we had a list to maintain, I stuck to the exotic. Iono, it was interesting, but my mouth feels a little weird. Thinking perhaps they didn't get ALL the venom out of the snake before mushing it up into sausage filling.

The fries were almost Pomme Frites worthy, and the hef german I was drinking was way yum, but also huge. All in all, I'd give it a B+, would probably stick to something a little more tame on my next visit.

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